Artist Spotlight: General Elektriks - French, Electro, Cool

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So I regularly listen to this thing called Spotify. If you are not in the know, find out more here! Every work day, I am plugged into my earbuds, DJ-ing through my work day and searching for new-to-me songs. Spotify has this fabulous feature called Discover Weekly, in which every Monday, they send a list of songs you may dig, I am guessing based on your listening habits. I find tons of unique tracks this way. And it just to happens that one week, I was sent a song by a group I never heard of called General Elektriks. Like usual, if I really find a song I like, I then go to the artists' page looking for more and with them, I found plenty more!

Hervé Salters, a French musician, is the mastermind behind General Elektriks, contributing the keyboards, main composition and vocals to what sounds like what I'd describe as an enchanting and hip fusion of funk, electronica, hip hop and pop.

Here are some of the songs I have in heavy rotation:

Whisper To Me
Very hip and easy to get stuck in your head, the best part of this song is when the uptempo beat drops and the slower, flirty "I want you to whisper to me" chorus comes in.

Little Lady
Soft, mellow funk, strong hook. This should be played in coffee shops everywhere.

Raid the Radio
Soo hard to pick a favorite but if I had to, this one is it!! Fab intro, gets you in right away with the whistles and the danceable beat. This is an easy head-boppin' tune.

Bloodshot Eyes
Ahhhhhhh so coy, so sexy, just a serious mellow groove. 
Perfect for a fun, flirty date or curling up with your boo.

You Don't Listen
Moody and with a hint of attitude...

Currently only touring in France. Boo! But a new album is dropping on January 29th. Cool!

For more on General Elektriks, check out the official site.

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