Do You Remember: Don't Wanna Fall In Love / Jane Child

So here is what I remember about Don't Wanna Fall In Love by Jane Child: the video featuring a white woman with a nose-ring chain connected to one earlobe, spiky short hair on top of her head, swinging around ankle-length blonde braids, in a long coat, as she danced in various scenes in what looks like New York City. 
Oh that and the late '80s/early '90s beat and synth sound in an all-around fun song sung with a hint of R&B. 
It was 1990 and I was barely a teen when this came out but it caught my attention because while she looked like she should be singing a punk rock song, this track was a bit more urban. In fact, it reached #6 on the R&B charts at that time and #2 on Billboard's Top 100.

But where is Jane Child now? As it often happens when one has just one solid hit song, she was dropped from her label when her follow-up album failed to chart. Jane Child did continue to do music and released singles independently but none rose to the level that this one did.

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