The Enchanting Minnie Riperton

I stumbled up on this video of a live performance of her hit song Loving You on YouTube and I was blown away. I mean we all know she can hit that crazy high note but to see live footage of her singing the entire song with such ease and switching it up a bit just gave me chills and showed me what an exceptional vocalist she was and what extreme talent she had. So tragic that she passed away at such an early age (31).

Watch this video until the end. Her range is astounding.

Lady Dulayne

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  1. Yeah, I always get chills when I hear a Minnie cut. If I never saw her do it, I would have never thought that it was even possible for a human being to hold a note that long!!! And she does it so effortlessly.

    A Tribe Called Quest used a sample of "Inside My Love" for their "Lyrics to Go". I remember hearing Tribe's song and thinking that there must be something wrong with the record or my sound system. It's this one note being held for like an eternity! Then, of course, I heard the original. Damn! You don't get singing like that anymore! I almost refuse to listen to a Minnie Riperton cover. I mean really, how can you top her? Although, having said that, I have to give props to Chante Moore. I have heard her do two Minnie covers that weren't too bad, but I still like Minnie's version the best.

    I just happened to across this link on YouTube comparing three versions of "Inside My Love". My vote, of course, is Minnie's, but I must say that the Trina Broussard version is good second.

  2. This was nice, I first heard about her when Common used a sample on his track the light.

  3. There are very few people who can even come close to hitting those notes... wow, just amazing. I do admire the ranges of Mariah and Leona, but good grief -- they've nothing on that woman.