Songs to Give a Lapdance/Striptease To

(and yes some of them I have tried)

Come Around-M.I.A.
If you've ever heard it, you'd probably be able to visualize it. It has that Indian groove mixed with the Timberland beat. Perfect for hip swiveling.

3 More Days- Ray LaMontagne
Lord! If you haven't heard this one, try iTunes. Here is a dusty-butt looking white dude with a soulful sanging voice singing bout 3 more days til he comes home to ya and with lyrics like "wanna give it til you can't say no" and how he's gonna "get this good job done" makes me wanna peel my shirt off right now!

It's a Man's World- James Brown
Sensual and at just the right tempo for slowing removing layers of your clothes. This one is easy for reminding him why this man's world wouldn't be nuthin' without a woman.

Nasty, Naughty Boy- Christina Aguilera
This one has the big band, bad girl vibe as Xtina has her way with the boy in question. You'd wanna have your way with yours with this tune.

Here I Go Again On My Own- Whitesnake
Ok, yeah, not exactly sexy but simply because of the video of Tawny Kitaen sprawling herself out on her dudes car, everytime I hear this song, I wanna throw inhibitions to the wind and sprawl my ass all over the place and hop on a table somewhere. I know I'm not alone.

Sexual Healing- Marvin Gaye
Who doesn't wanna take their clothes off when they hear that "baaaaaaby, I'm hot just like an oven". Who doesn't?

Nasty Girls- Vanity
Another given.

Pussycat- Missy Elliot
The explicit lyrics say it all: P_ssy don't fail me now, I gotta turn this n___ out, so he don't want nobody else, but me and only me. The ladies would know what I'm talking 'bout.

Love to Love You Baby- Donna Summer
Ok, Donna's cooing and ahhhing will have you stripping butt naked and probably laid out on the floor somewhere. Dangerous. Use at your discretion.

Adore and Darling Nikki- Prince
What would a sexy list be without him.

Turn Off The Lights- Teddy Pendergrass
Speaks for itself.

Lady Dulayne

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  1. haha I know what my song will be - Suck My Kiss, Red Hot Chili Peppers!

  2. Haha- good post. I like the Pink Panther Theme Song. I saw the Pussycat dolls perform to it when I was in Vegas and I think they danced to it as an opening act for Christina Augillera.
    There's also
    Blindfold Me- Kellis
    Striptease- Danity Kane
    Dontcha- Pussycat dolls
    Red Light Special- TLC
    The list can go on...

  3. Pictures my darling! I need visible demostration! (Laughter)

  4. i'm planing on using joi-lick this weekend on my bf. should make for a dirty time!