Solange vs. Beyonce

So someone mentioned Solange's new album a few months ago. I heard the first track "I Decided" and wasn't majorly impressed. I went about my business.

Meanwhile, big sis, Be came out with her Sasha Fierce album. Being a fan, I was all set to go pick it up, first day. Luckily, I got to hear it before buying it and was sadly disappointed. While I appreciate her trying something new, I couldn't find 3 solid tracks I liked (Single Ladies being my fave) and decided it wasn't worth buying.

Then I give Solange's album another try. Um, on second glance, I am really feeling it. Her songs are light, fresh and catchy. After viewing the following video last night, I couldn't get it out of my head. Could it be, that Solange's album is better than big sista B's?? Um yeah. And who'd thunk it?

I might even spend some money downloading here!

Lady Dulayne

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  1. I am surprised that so many people are critical of Beyonce's album.

    I liked several of songs on it, but than again my expectations of her were low so that might be why I was impressed.

  2. You know, I had a feeling this would be the case... I loved the old-school vibe of "I Decided" from the moment I heard it.

    You've just convinced me to give the album a whirl in the trusty MP3 player!

  3. Average Man-

    On Solange's album, I recommend the following:

    Sandcastle Disco
    God Given Name
    I Told You So
    White Picket Dreams
    Cosmic Journey (its a bit out there but I appreciate her going for something completely different)

  4. And I JUST bought Solange's album on when it comes, I'll be sure to soak it all in and let you know how I feel.

    If it's anything like "I Decided" -- I should be in for a treat.