The 'He Aint $^*@&*#!' Breakup Playlist Part I

Its over and done. You've finally broken free and can look back and realize 
you are better off without him. Here are a list of songs to inspire you to get your head up, 
keep moving forward and that you will survive this breakup.

Since You Been Gone / Kelly Clarkson
Breathing so much better now that he's gone.

So What / Pink
Yeah ya'll broke up, but you're still a rock star! Life is moving on just fine without his tool ass.

Me, Myself and IBeyonce
After all you did for him, sometimes it better to be own your own
and leaning on no one but yourself.

Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You ) / Kelly Clarkson
Break ups feel awful, but this is just a moment in your life
and you'll come out even stronger after this.

Before He CheatsCarrie Underwood
Cause payback's a bitch.

Survivor / Destinys Child
Life moves on. You will survive this and anything else.

I Will Survive / Gloria Gaynor
Yes, go, walk right out that door. Don't need ya no more!

There You Go / Pink
Wow, now that you've broken up, you see just how pitiful he really is.

Not Big / Lily Allen
Its over. And good thing cause it was a waste of my time.

Mama's Knows Best / Jessie J
Oh. What? You think you're gonna play me? Naw, honey, you can go!

Really Don't Care / Demi Lovato
Basically, even if he is the very last dude on the face of the planet, its never happening again. Period!

We Are Never Getting Back Together / Taylor Swift
Yup. Its done. Forever and ever.

Bust Your Windows / Jazzmine Sullivan
You wanna hurt me, well I hope you have some good car insurance!

Hit 'Em Up Style (Ooops) / Blu Cantrell
Cheaters will pay. With their credit cards!

Tyrone (Live Version) / Erykah Badu
His no cash-giving, ass-hunting lamo self better dial a friend and get his shit! Today!

You Ought Know / Alanis Morissette
So he's moved on? Well he should know of the emotional mess
he left and that she'll never be as good as you.

Irreplaceable / Beyonce
Clearly he has messed with the wrong one and that his replacement is already on the way.

Blow Me (One Last Kiss) Pink 
When you've tried to work it out but in the end, life is just too short for his shit anymore.

Fuck You
/  Ceelo
The ultimate, finger-snapping fuck off!

Caught Out There
/  Kelis 
Also know as "I Hate You So Much Right Now, Ugggggh!!"

Not Gon Cry / Mary J Blige 
Because he is not even worth the tears.

Which songs would you add?

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  1. "It's not right but it's okay" Whitney Houston

  2. "It's not right but it's okay" Whitney Houston

  3. This is a great list of songs. I just added it on stumple upon!