Artists You'd Be Surprised I Listen To

No Doubt

I was a college freshman when I first saw the video for Spiderwebs. It stuck in my head and since I was nearly dying for some new experiences in the new college world I found myself in, I decided to take a chance and buy their CD. Felt like a big step for me since it was nearly rock and I was not a rock fan. But I became completely consumed with their ska sound and front-women Gwen Stefani's personal style. Been a huge fan ever since. I own every album and have seen them in concert. Oh how I miss them. Gwen go back! Do another ND album!

Another find, during my open-minded college days, Prodigy was introduced to me by a guy I met in college (and had a hot thing for). It sounded dangerous, rebellious, crazy, insane and just listening to it made me feel like I could go crazy (which I secretly wanted to). I still have to watch myself driving to this as it makes me speed like crazy.

I first heard We Are the Champions at the end of Revenge of the Nerds (one of my favorite 80's movies). Then heard Bohemian Rhapsody in Wayne's World. Then heard Don't Stop Me Now in another favorite movie, Shaun of the Dead (see a pattern here) and that was it. I became a Queen fan. More great songs came after.

Can't even say why I got into them but I saw the video for Clint Eastwood and I was intrigued. Such a simple beat but haunting and amusing video.

Citizen Cope was introduced to me on a very first, memorable date. The next day I had to know who was that soulful, enchanting voice I'd listened to. 2 months later, I was at his show, 2 days into a flu but sangin' along. So underrated, Cope brings so much heart to his songs and lyrics.

This is another rare time that I bought an album after seeing one video, Smile. Lily Allen's stuff is just fun. With songs about her little brother smoking weed, trying to get club head men out of her face ("I've got herpes"), gloating about how her exes pain makes her smile and oh yeah he never once gave her an orgasm, what is there here not to like!

In spring of 2002, during a rough period on my life, a video called Destiny came on MTV and it comforted me, though I can't explain why. The melody went right along with my sullen mood and I sang along for weeks before I bought the entire album Simple Things. I was delighted by the rest of it. Each song sounded carefully crafted. True works of art, in my book and I keep hunting down more by them.

Bon Jovi

Crazy, huh? Though I was an MTV-head as a kid, I despised hair bands and Bon Jovi. Flash forward to maybe 2006, I'm at Howl at the Moon with friends, drinking and having a ball when this comes on. A friend, who was drinking heavier than I began wailing to this song, cracking me up! It then became an instant classic for me and suddenly I think I got it. The whole hair band thing.

New Kids on the Block
Let me be clear, I used to be a huge fan...when I was 12. Blame it on my cousin from Connecticut who came down to stay for the summer and was in love with Joe McIntyre. I think within a week of her influence, I was then also hooked on Donnie Wahlberg. And it was fun, the whole New Kids thing. Can't say I'm feeling their music now but they have a special place in my music history.

Lady Dulayne

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  1. I heart citizen cope and zero 7 although I love all the bands you listed! Oh, and prodigy, let's just say, I have breathe on my ipod and it pushes me to go the extra distance when I work out and i also feel like kicking people's asses!

  2. Cat- I did NOT know you know Citizen Cope and Zero 7. Girl, there is a reason why we came together. I rock both on the regular. And yet, most people have never heard of either.

  3. Oh man, you just reminded me that I have been to a No Doubt concert! I forgot all about that!!! Also I LOVE the new NKOTB stuff. It's cheesy but I can't get those songs out of my head. I think I may already know all the words :p

  4. Michelle- You know I as jealous you got to see their show. I was really hoping to go but couldn't. I did think they looked great on the Today show.

    I just think they'd do better singing more R&B then that bubble gun pop stuff (unless they have those tracks I haven't heard). I mean they are pushing 40 now.

  5. OMG! I never imagined we have such similar musical taste.

    Queen..who'd a thunk it?!?

  6. Absolutely love Zero 7! I don't remember when I first heard it, but "Destiny", followed by "Waiting Line", instantly made me a fan. Have you ever heard of the group 4Hero? Also, if I may, a group called DZihan & Kamien, specifically, the song "Thrill". You may like some of their stuff as well.

    Definitely Queen. Hell yeah!!!

    Love/hate with NKOTB. I was never a big fan, especially after a particular incident at Kings Dominion one year.

    Love Bon Jovi. May have to check out some of the other stuff you mentioned.

  7. Erika- I haven't heard of 4Hero or DZihan & Kamien, but I will have to check them out!

  8. There ARE some R&Bish songs. They're a little cheesy, but hey, it's New Kids!! They even have a song with New Edition.

    Summertime is probably the "boppiest" song on their album.