Favorite Video of the Moment

I know you all will be thinking, girl get off Beyonce's bra strap but believe me, I was not feeling this song the first tome I heard it and I still think it sounds very much like Get Me Bodied.

BUT, the video, however, I think is nearly brilliant. Granted she borrowed the idea from another, but I think the simple white background featuring her and 2 bootylicious dancers, along with her tight choreography (I'm a sucker for good choreography) made this one stick in my head for days.

And I was thinking if I could learn some of that dance, that would be a workout right there!

Lady Dulayne

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  1. I actually thought it was the other song initially. I don't watch videos as much as I used to, but every time I catch it while flipping channels, I have to stop and watch it. Love the dancing. Those girls work it out for real!

  2. Erika- I rarely catch a video nowadays as I hardly ever watch video channels anymore. I usually go to You Tube to check things out, usually just to hear a song.

  3. There are still music videos around? Where can I find these?

  4. Man, I love this song. I downloaded the video and try to do the dances (don't think I look half as good as those girls!)And Beyonce is the queen of coming up with Women Anthems!

  5. Cat- Girl! Keep practicing, we can learn the dance together and have a new song to bump too!


  6. Why cant I get this song out of my head!?