Why This Blog?

I used to buy my faith in worship,
But then my chance to get to Heaven sli-i-pped
I used to worry about the future.
But then I threw my caution to the wind.

So why another blog? When the idea came to me it seemed like an epiphany. I'd been having a bit of blogger's block on my other blog for some strange reason; I would go weeks without having anything worthwhile to blog about or when I'd get an idea for a blog, by the time I found the time, the motivation was gone.

Then one night when I found myself up late, on iTunes, jamming some of my favorite songs, it occured to me: music. Music and my love of it and everything to do with it is something I could probably talk about and blog about forever. It's my passion, really. That night, I was up for hours thinking of all the topics I could cover and all the blogs I could write. I was excited!

So here it is. My blog devoted exclusively to all things music-related. The reason for the title? Anyone that knows me knows that I am non-religious (proud agnostic actually). There are few things in life that really, truly drive me and music is one (love being another).

So I've decided that music might as well be my religion as I've been and will always be a devoted follower.

That said, I pledge my devotion to all things music.


Lady Dulayne

Music junkie, Baltimore chick, Jedi mom, karaoke queen,'80s kid, hair and makeup fanatic, currently keeping up with a daily Greek yogurt habit.

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  1. Hallelujah!
    I look forward to catching this blog later. There's always something to be said for music.
    It sounds like we have a similar age as well. Memory lane should be fun.