Degrading Songs You'll Still Catch Me Bouncing To

I typically don't like what I consider songs that degrade women, but every now and then a beat comes along and I'll be in the club and it gets me. And there I'll be wiggling hips like some video ho!

Get Low - LiL John & The Eastside Boys
This song has everything. My favorite lines: can I play with your pantyline? Stop! Then wiggle with it YEAH! Back, back, back it up AHHH!

Back That Ass Up- Juvenile
A song like this can turn a seemingly nice girl into a total freak. Sadly, it almost got me too! Favorite line- brrrr drummer chick!

Hoochie Mama - 2 Live Crew
Anybody remember The Jukebox network in Bmore in the late 80's? 2 Live Crew was in regular rotation and served to poison my young middle school mind.

Me So Horny -2 Live Crew
I was in the 6th grade when this came out and I knew it was dirty and made women look nasty and yet I sang along with the rest of my friends. Still a classic in my book. Me love you long time!

I Wanna Rock- Luke Campbell
The epitome stripper's song (in my opinion). I know for a fact that as long as I can still bump to this song I will never be homeless or starving. I can make some money if it came to it!....................(just jokes.............kinda!)

Lady Dulayne

Music junkie, Baltimore chick, Jedi mom, karaoke queen,'80s kid, hair and makeup fanatic, currently keeping up with a daily Greek yogurt habit.

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  1. Man. That 2 Live Crew was a line drawn in the sand. I was in 6th grade too. Either you got on it and pretented you were as nasty as you could (really, what were we doing?) or you didn't and felt ostricized. When those guys came out even the white kids on the other side of the hood were lining up in some clueless train.
    Oh but I learned a lot of new words that summer. Moms wasn't too impressed.