My Long-Term Love for Baltimore Club

Call it what you want: nasty, stupid, repetitive, violent, ignorant, degrading, annoying, I don't care what you call it, I still love true Baltimore club and have since the very first mixes I heard in middle school in the early '90s.

Perhaps, its an acquired taste of mainly B-More natives but there is just nothing that comes close to those beats and basslines for me when it comes to dancing and anytime I hear it, no matter where I am, I cannot help but bumping my shoulders to the beat (and you're lucky if I don't drop down and get a full eagle on!).

Ever since high school, when I wasn't old enough to get into the clubs, I relied on 92.Q's 9 o'clock mix with DJ's Boobie, Miss Tony and K Swift to bring me the latest beats. Me and my best friend at the time would practice our dance moves (for when we could actually get into the clubs) or for the opportunities to inpress our friends in school. It was just a great love for me. And though I'm getting much older and out of the actual club scene these days, I still love and appreciate the genre and hope it stays strong and grows.

My old favorites are The Perculator, Doo Doo Brown, Get Ya Guns Out, Shake That Ass Girl, Charlie Brown, The Drill Company, Zulu and so many more I can't even name. I actually made a list once in high school and got up to over 100 club song titles.
I hope it never dies but gains more respect in time.

RIP DJ K Swift, a favorite of mine since high school.

Lady Dulayne

Music junkie, Baltimore chick, Jedi mom, karaoke queen,'80s kid, hair and makeup fanatic, currently keeping up with a daily Greek yogurt habit.


  1. Curious, what was Zulu? I don't remember it. I was thinking maybe you meant Nu Nu. Is Zulu something different?

    You got thinking I should put together a Baltimore Club mix for old times sake. *mentally flipping through the record collection*

  2. I was just jamming to Doo Brown in traffic today.
    What about- Ahh, Pick em up, pick em up,
    Watch out for the big girl,
    Ms. Tony say how you wanna carry it? what's up what's up

  3. CC- Yes, yes, yes! All of those!

    Also Shorty you fat, make me wanna hit that, they way your booty shook, I see ya girl you off the hook, I'm tryna go home, take a ride in my Tahoe, it won't be long, be beggin' fo' I end this song!

    That Da Da song (from Breakin) and Hey Your Knuckleheads!

    I loves them all!

  4. Not being a Baltimore native it's taken me some time to get acquainted to Bmore club. I was almost completely turned off back when I heard the Dora the Explorer mix on 92Q. But my research took me even further back to Bmore house music and that's where I'm at now. I've since found the Deep Sugar parties at Paradox and have been blown away by the talent here. This city runs way deep in it.
    I know it's not club but it's loosley associated and the parties are near legendary.

  5. Hi there. what is the name of the song to the lyrics you posted? best friend and i are trying to figure it out...

    "Also Shorty you fat, make me wanna hit that, they way your booty shook, I see ya girl you off the hook, I'm tryna go home, take a ride in my Tahoe, it won't be long, be beggin' fo' I end this song!"

    thanks so much.

  6. Col- I wish I knew, but like so many Bmore club, songs, they often don't have real song titles or its hard tro decipher. I don't even know the DJ who created it. Many of these classic tracks didn't make it to CD's. But I'll look into it. It's a good question.

  7. I love the b-more club music!!!!!!!! Shit is still going years later in the philly clubs. And we in 2012.....