My Favorite Musicals

I love musicals. Most of the ones I see anyway. I'm the dork who not only watches a musical but I get involved with them, try to learn the dance moves, the lyrics to every song and will go out a buy a soundtrack to listen to in my car. Yes, I am that music dork. One of my dreams has always been to star in a musical. Hey, I can still dream, right?


Saw this movie before I saw it on stage and was blown away by the effects, the songs and dancing. Helluva storyline too, I have this soundtrack on CD and will belt it out in the car.

Character I'd Love to Play:
Velma during the intro, Roxie throughout and most of the cellblock chicks during their number "He Had it Coming."


This one took me a bit to get. I saw the movie and wasn't impressed. Then saw it on stage, still kinda meh. But some songs kinda stuck in my head and I rented it again. Slowly, I became a fan. But unlike most musicals, I'm not in love with every song but the few I love "Out Tonight", "Seasons of Love" and "No Day But Today" make it worthwhile.

Character I'd Love to Play: Mimi, the HIV+, heroin-addicted, Spanish, stripper junkie. What else!?


Fell in LOVE with this musical as a kid, so much in fact, I used to try and ditch my parents in the mall in the hope of becoming an orphan so I could run the streets, singing songs just like they did. Every song is my favorite. Haven't yet seen it on stage. One day.

Character I'd Love to Play: Annie, of course!


Who doesn't love Grease? Seriously! No reason to even explain, this is one of the best musicals ever!! Never saw it on stage but its coming to Bmore in 2009 and I plan on getting my tix.

Character I'd Love to Play- Sandy for most but Rizzo since I could relate more to her.

The Lion King

*sigh* I need to grab some tissues even time I even think about this musical because it always brings me to tears. Twice I've seen it on stage abd there is just something overwhelming about the story of Simba and Mufasa and the African costumes, song and dance and how the animals come to life that just brings me to tears. My all-time favorite stage play.

Character I'd Love to Play: None, I'd rather watch, it is so good.

Little Shop of Horrors

Another childhood favorite, I've never seen this on the stage but know every single song in the movie (and most of the dances).

Characters I'd Love to Play: The Do-Wop girls

The Wiz

Now this one falls into a different class. I actually don't like this movie and can't recommend it but the Quincy Jones produced soundtrack is worth a listen. Every song, really is very good including "Home" "He's the Wiz", "Slide Some Oil to Me" and the gospel song "Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News". Never saw the stage play and am honestly not interested. But the soundtrack, great peice of work.

Character I'd Love to Play: The Scarecrow just to sing "You Can't Win"

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Based off my all-time favorite childhood book, I saw this movie very late at 14 years old trying to entertain my neice and got caught up in it myself. Funny, cause it seems like this movie and the Ooompa Looompas have made some sort of comeback in recent years and you see them in the media a lot. But it really is a cute movie with great songs. I even hear the song "Cheer Up Charlie" in my head at times when I'm feeling a lil down. Gene Wilder at his finest!

Character I'd Love to Play: Veruca Salt, just to sing "I Want it Now"

Lady Dulayne

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  1. Ok, I'm not as big of a musical fan. In fact, I tend to avoid them like the plague. However, having said that, you mentioned a few that I never mind watching over and over again.

    My mother had to make me watch Chicago. Afterward, I couldn't stop watching it. Even went and got the soundtrack. My favorite parts are the opening and the jailhouse scene ("he had it coming!!!").

    I don't know why or how, but I can never get enough of Annie (1982). I refuse to watch it on network TV because they cut way too much. Annie much be watched in its 2 1/2 hour entirety. That second Annie that they did with Kathy Bates in 1999 was crap. I respect Kathy Bates as and actress, the role of Mrs Hannigen belongs to Carol Burnett.

    Little Shop of Horrors. My mother got me interested in watching this because of the Dentist scene. Steve Martin had me cracking up!!! My sister and I knew all the songs by heart and couldn't help to sing every time we watched the movie. I wanted to sing like Tichina Arnold and Tisha Campbell after seeing that movie. They were killing it!!!

    I haven't seen The Wiz in a long time. I may have to refresh my memory on that one. Willy Wonka is a good one as well.

  2. OMG... lil shop of horrors was the bizness... I used to watch that mess over and over and over

    Suddenly; and tisha campbell was one of the little background singers that used to pop up and sing in every scene... lol