What Ever Happened to Jody Watley?

Homegirl was the ish back in the '80s. She had the look, the dance moves, the fashion. I remember wanting big hoops earrings just like she had and still rock them til this day. I also remember thinking that was all her hair and being fascinated but how she can attain such a head of hare (I was naive in the '80's). And the hoop skirts she used to dance around in. I think I was more into her look than anything else.

It seems her career began to cool off in the early '90s, though she continued putting out albums well after that, puttnig out her last album in 2006, apparently.

Lady Dulayne

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  1. Loved Jody Watley back in the day. This flashback reminded me of a talent show my sister and cousin entered. They performed to "Looking for A New Love" Trying to emulate the dance moves, my sister almost kicked my cousin in the head!

    Also reminded of a remix of "When A Man Loves A Woman". There is a version called "When A Man Loves A Man". The record store I was in at the time started playing it and one of the gay guys in the place went nuts!

    The last thing I heard from her was a collab with the group 4hero, I believe last year. I wasn't crazy about the song but it was good to still see her doing her thing.

  2. I was just jaming to I'm Loving For a New Love song the other week!