SOTW: Starlight / The Supermen Lovers

With a space-aged sounding intro that then drops into a solid disco beat, my initial ear thought this song sounded a lot like my beloved Jamiroquai. But naw. The vocals begin the first verse and its not my boo Jay Kay. The bass and guitar riff come in and the track falls into a sweet, head-bopper. This is "Starlight".

Released in 2001, "Starlight" was the first single off of the debut album, The Player by French music producer The Supermen Lovers (aka Guillaume Atlan, with Mani Hoffman on vocals). While it reached #2 on the dance charts in France and did well in other European countries, it did not make its way to the US, which is a shame (and why I am just learning about it in 2017). But better late than never, right!

Check it out below. The strange. Don't let that detract you. Just listen:

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