SOTW: 2 for 1 / Jon Batiste

This week, I am going to throw out a 2 for 1 as songs of the week which can be filed under your feel-good and music-for-your-soul playlists!

I was pleased and delighted the day this musical genius found his way into my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. The song was "Express Yourself (Say Yes) and it made me stop what I was doing, turn the volume up and just take it in. I wish I could articulate the exact sound but my best interpretation would be a folksy and robust blend of jazz, with mixtures of funk and soul. It sounds just sounds like the type of art that fills my soul and makes me feel alive!

Jon Batiste is a Louisiana-born, multi-instrumentalist, who comes from a long lineage of musicians, who after studying at the Julliard School, went on to become the music director and bandleader for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. I personally think he is a musical genius and I love this style.

Check out "Express Yourself (Say Yes)":


And the 2nd featured song this week, "Humanism", which has also served as the opening theme song to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

As a bonus (and if you're still reading and enjoying), check out this video of Job in action, bringing music to the people.


For more on Jon Batiste:

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