New Discovery: Mark Ronson

Nip/Tuck, my favorite TV show and the only drama I watch nowadays kicked off its new season last Tuesday and as usual, I was fully involved with the storyline, particularly entranced by one scene in which Dr. Shawn McNamara is stabbed and lying, bleeding on the operating floor, blood filling his lungs, and spilling out of his mouth, gasping for air and trying to figure out how to save his own life. I thought....'Dang, what is that fly song they are playing in the background'.

After the show ended and they played the encore, I stayed tuned just to hear it again and quickly hit Google in search of if. It turned out to be a remake of The Smiths song Stop Me If You've Heard This Before (thanks B) by a producer I'd never heard of before, Mark Ronson and performed by another one I didn't know Daniel Merriweather (whose voice reminds me of a young, very fine D'Angelo *turn on*). Got on iTunes to hear more and have been smitten every since.

Ronson produces and remixes already released songs and new ones and I am tickled over this find (turns out he's the brother of DJ Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan's chick). If you're in the mood for some new treats, I recommend checking out these other cool tunes by him:

  • Oh My God with Lily Allen

  • Here Comes the Fuzz with Freeway and Nikka Costa

  • Bout to Get Ugly with Rhymefest and Anthony Hamilton

  • Ooh Wee with Ghostface Killah and Nate Dogg

Watch the video here. Some hater wouldn't let me embed it off You Tube.

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  1. I've been on Mark Ronson for over a year now. And loved that Nip/Tuck played his song on their show and like you I was distracted by the song which I thought didn't exactly fit with what was going on (especially if you've seen the video). Stop Me is on my ipod workout playlist! It also helps that he's kinda cute!

  2. That's crazy... I didn't know about him until he signed my cousin (Wale) a lil' while back. Dude is off the hook.

    P.S.: I LOVE Nip/Tuck. Such visual decadence. It's like watching a double-fudge brownie for an hour.

  3. Average Man- Now you said a mouth full (fudge brownie) Did you see this week's episode of Nip/Tuck? When the Indian doc got his first blowjob from the older lady and called it "so glorious", thenlate saw her in the men's room at the urinal and discovered she really had a penis, then questioned his sexuality cause he enjoyed it so, not only did I almost fall off my seat but I declared it the best TV show on the air!

  4. LOL... I sure did. Can't wait to catch the latest episode!

    Boy, do I love DVR.