Songs That Made Me Cry

One Last Cry- Brian McKnight
One of my favorite breakup songs, I listened to this one after a major breakup years ago. Helps get those tears a-flowin'.

Circle of Life - The Lion King
Ok, yeah, I am silly but something about this song, I find so damn uplifting is brings me to tears. Don't know if its the African drums or lyrics or the words but it overwhelms me everytime I hear it.

How Do I Say Goodbye to Yesterday -Boy II Men
Standard. Needs to explanation, actually.

Oooh Child - Chi Lites
I first heard this on Crooklyn. I believe after the mother died of cancer. I think this has made most people cry.

Better Days - Dianne Reeves
The story of Reeves grandmother. Great '80's song.

Stranger in Moscow -Michael Jackson
Most people aren't down with this song but I came across it in my murky days as a depressive teen. Used to listen to it endlessly on my Walkman and pretend I was the loneliest girl in the world.

Everybody Hurts- REM
Self-explanatory. Just a great peice of work. Love the video too. We all have our days.

The Wind- Mariah Carey
This song I think is about someone whose blown in the wind, as in being gone from your life. I used to listen to this at night and cry for no reason at all but to just feel.

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