Favorite Girl Groups of All Time


Ahhhh high school. "Im So Into You" hit the radio and that was it. It became of of my favorite songs along with "Downtown" and "Weak" (and don't you know every girl in my school was trying to sing Weak a -capella, including me.) They had nothing but hits for years and I ate up every song they put out. Was so sad when I heard funny-looking Coko decided to go solo and leave her girls behind. I have heard, however, that they are looking to make a comeback. It would be welcomed. Favorite song is probably "Weak" followed by the "Anything" Remix.

Destiny's Child

Couldn't really have a girl group list without them. I was pumping my first to their female-empowered songs from "Bills, Bills, Bills" to "Survivor". Call them what you may but they have provided more hits than most. Favorites include "Say My Name", "Bootylicious" and maybe "Emotions". Honorable mention their "Amazing Grace" which I still sing in the shower.


I remember not really liking rap in the '80s, til Salt-n-Pepa hit the scene and made what I consider rap for girls. It was then my mission to learn every dance from every one of their videos and of course the lyrics to their songs so I could keep up with my big sister. Favorite song is still "Shake Yo Thang" with EU.

En Vogue

I think En Vogue shouls take credit for bringing some class back to girl groups in the early '90s. They made their mark with "Hold On" and everybody and their momma was a fan. They also brought back real harmonies ang real singing. Favorite tune: "Giving Him Something He Can Feel"


*sigh* In high school, these women were my idols!!!! I loved them so much. From the day I heard "Aint Too Proud to Beg", say T-Boz's lil short, blond do, heard Lefteye's rap with the condom over her eye and heard Chilli's hooks in her baggy pants, I was hooked. They did no wrong in my book and I worshipped them. They were the reigning queens as most successful girl group in their time and I so miss their music. Favorites include "Creep", "Waterfalls", "What About Your Friends" and "Aint Too Proud to Beg". And I so miss my Lefteye.

The Supremes

The queens! The epitome girl group who started it off. None of the girl groups listed would have been anywhere if it weren't for The Supremes. Seriously, it all started with them. The costumes, the hair and going solo and leaving the rest behind, yes Ms. Ross started it all. Faves include "Where Did Our Love Go", "You Keep Me Hangin' On" and "Baby Love"

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  1. Did you here that Taj from SWV will be on Survivor? Not sure if it's a celebrity survivor or not.
    Even though they were short lived I really liked Brownstone.