What Ever Happened to Another Bad Creation?

So back in 1991, Another Bad Creation, also known as ABC, 7 little, little boys had a single called "Iesha" they used to get airplay on the Jukebox network. And it was my jam. I recall the lyrics went:

We played Nintendo,

This was her very first date

I didn't wanna make it seem
to fly

We ate cereal

She couldn't stay out at late

Her mother told her to be home
at nine

They also had another song called "Jealous Girl" and "At the Playground" and while no one really took them seriously, we liked the songs anyway. It was fun. According to Wikipedia, they attepted two comeback albums in 1996 and 2006 with no success. Oh well. We'll always have memories.

I used to love the end: "Go Ro-Ro, Go Ro-Ro" "Yeah boy!"

Lady Dulayne

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  1. It wasnt 7 boys! There were only 5 boys. Dave Chris, Mark, Red, Ro

  2. By most, General Austin ("GA") was considered an "unofficial" member of ABC.