I Know That Song: Wiggle Wop / Party Favor w/ Keno

Watching TV over the past few weeks (probably MTV's Catfish if I am really thinking on it), this commercial kept coming on and this super-hyped, stupid crazy beat came on. Couldn't grab my phone fast enough to Shazam it and find out the source of that insane ass-shaking beat.
This would happen to me about 10 times before I finally caught the commercial in time to realize it was an ad for Mountain Dew. Off to Google I went and finally tracked down the song. Its called Wiggle Wop by Party Favor.
Party Favor is the work of one Dylan Ragland, an electronic dance and trap music DJ who has been making a name for himself touring internationally and working with artists such as DJ Khalid, Gucci Mane and Sean Kingston.
This is the commercial:

And the full song:

Are you twerking yet? Have you heard it?

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