SOTW: Ghost Town / The Specials

If you're a fan of the movie Shaun of the Dead, you may recognize this song (and if you're not, what is wrong with you???). Really, only first 6 seconds of this song appear in the very beginning of the movie but you can also hear it playing low in the jukebox in the first Winchester bar scene where the main characters are introduced.

It was a perfect choice for a movie about a zombie apocalypse, though you didn't hear that much of it. But turns out, its much more than that. Released in 1981 during a time of unrest and violent riots were occurring in cities in Great Britain, it was praised for its the social commentary on local events, which spoke on issues such a unemployment, deindustrialization and urban decay.

Also worth noting, is the British 2 tone sound, which melds ska with reggae, punk rock and new wave.

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