Listen Now! Songs to Check Out Now 1.11.16

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If you're in the mood for some hip hop...

Don't Touch Me Now (Throw Da Water on 'Em) /  Busta Rhymes

Rumbling bass and beats, Busta's fierce and aggressive delivery. What more could you want?

  Everyday / A$AP Rocky w/ Rod Stewart, Miguel and Mark Ronson

With Rod Stewart's sample and Miguel's contribution,
its a hypnotic mix of new school hip hop and Rod's classic rock.

If you're looking for some blue-eyed soul...

Let Me Go / Maverick Sabre

London-born, singer/rapper/guitar has an interesting folksy voice and this track is fusion of R&B, soul and folk. Some may recognize the main hook's sample from Beyonce's Woman Like Me but its actually from an artist named Simon Haseley and the original song is called Hammerhead

Banshee / Kendra Morris

Great tune for your at-home, chillaxing playlist.

The Addict / Bo Saris

Mellow piece of relaxing soul.

Her Favorite Song / Mayor Hawthorne

DJ and producer Andrew Cohen clearly has his roots in rap and soul. This song is an absolute concoction of several genres in a melting pot.

If you're looking for a finger-snapping groove...

Runaway / Nuyorican Soul w/ La India

To get you up and  moving, tapping your toes, and singing along,
this song is pure fun and good vibes.

If you're in the mood for some old school house...

Hot Music / Soho

Native Baltimoreans may recognize the hook used in Baltimore club from the '90s.
The full version is even better! Even after all these years, its
still a hot track that would liven any house party.

If you're in the mood for some international neo-soul...

The Man / Omar

Super chill and singable and with some funky deep intro bass, this one is just plain cool.

Let me know what you think!

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