I Know That Song: Jam Man / Baby, I'm Bad Weather

"Baby I'm Bad Weather" by Toussaint Morrison appeared on my Discover Weekly playlist and after the 20 second mark, I instantly recalled hearing that riff before, but this time it was accompanied with rap verses.

 photo Chet amp T_zps0o6yzxdq.png

Where have I heard this song before? A commercial, of course. Off to Google I go to begin my search but this time, unlike others, little information was given. It wasn't until I happened upon a site called, that I found my source. The sample that I knew is actually from another artist, Chet Atkins, a Nashville guitarist, who released his album, Almost Alone at the ripe age of 71, then went on to win a Grammy award for Best Country & Western Instrumental Performance in 1997. The title is called "Jam Man".

See if you recognize this:

 This is Toussaint Morrison's song using Chet's sample:

Did you figure out where you've heard it???

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