SOTW: Daydream in Blue / I Monster

Many may be more familiar with this track because of Lupe Fiasco's Daydreamin', which samples it. But its a beautiful piece, worth its own mention.

I Monster is comprised of English music producers Jarrod Gosling and Dean Honer. After a bit of internet research, it was uncovered that this song is a double-sample,  in that it samples from a cover of an original song. The cover being The Gunter Kallman Choir's song "Daydream", which is covered the Wallace Collection's original song of the same name, providing the tune and lyrics.

Did you get all that? In short I Monster sampled The Gunter Kallman Choir, who covered the Wallace Collection.

Here is the original Wallace Collection song, which hit #1 in Belgium in 1969:


This is the cover by the Gunter Kallman Choir with the recognizable vocals:


And finally the I Monster version, which combined elements of both to a masterful, electronic effect:

And bonus: If your a Shaun of the Dead fan, I Monster also provided this track for the movie:

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