SOTW: Keep Your Shoes On / Scissor Sisters

This little gem was sort of personally delivered to me via my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and its quirky and super eclectic, pop beat drew me in immediately. It pretty much has everything that I need in a happy, fun, pick-me-up song: tight beat, easy hook and some thumping bass. And the peculiar and unconventional lyrics were just another bonus:

Playing baby wants a ride
Freaking your mail order bride
Said she got she pregnant well she lied
Shimmy shimmy coco puff
I can’t seem to get enough
Come over here let me touch your stuff

Twist and shout
Boobies hanging all out
You know you got me going
You know you got me going
Better work that blouse
Want your acid house
You know you got me going
You know you got me going

And what does that all mean? Don't know! Don't care. 
I just know when this is playing in my car, I am happy and bouncing and feeling good. 

Check it out for yourself and let me know how it makes you feel.

Lady Dulayne

Music junkie, Baltimore chick, Jedi mom, karaoke queen,'80s kid, hair and makeup fanatic, currently keeping up with a daily Greek yogurt habit.

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