SOTW: Take It Easy My Brother Charles / Jorge Ben Jor

With a perfect blend of musical genres such as samba, funk and rock, Take It Easy My Brother Charles is a fantastic and fun track that starts off with larger than life horns and smooths into a snappy, happy and easy to pick up hook. This song gets heavy rotation on my 'feel good' songs playlist. Sung mostly in Portugese, one wouldn't even need to know a single verse as the tune, its production and his classy voice transcend

Born in Rio De Janeiro, He began singing and performing at an early age until he caught the eye of music producers and was signed to a recording contract. Take It Easy My Brother Charles was then released in 1969.

Check it out here:

His unique sound has been covered and sampled throughout many different artists and genres in the industry. The most noticeable would be the track "Mas Que Nada", sampled by Sergio Mendes with The Black Eyed Peas.

Check out Mas Que Nada here:

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