You Know This Beat / Timmy Thomas & Drake

You know how you hear a new song on the radio and think 'Damn, that is a tight beat' or 'That is an original sound!' and may wonder how they came up with that? Yup, I think I had a similar thought when I first heard Drake's summer hit, "Hotline Bling." It had this very empty, bare-bones production with a very simple hook. It was everywhere!

Then I came across this Timmy Thomas song "Why Can't We Live Together." Soon as the song started, I stopped in my tracks. That hot original beat that I danced to over the summer...was not a Drake original. Mind you, its not a total sample as Drake's producers clearly put a different spin on it but obviously you can hear that Thomas' track is the clear original.

Check  it out here:

And Drake's here:

And apparently Thomas was none other than thrilled that his '70s song was brought back to life.

Check out SPIN magazine's interview with Timmy Thomas here:

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