Spotlight On: New Jersey Club

In the past year or so I have caught a few tracks here and there from several sources, namely Facebook or YouTube video that have left me completely stopping what I am doing, immediately drawn in to the hyper beats, bouncing my shoulders 'til I get a crick in my neck.  Apparently Baltimore club music has a sister or maybe a distant cousin in what I am learning is New Jersey club.
Wikipedia defines Jersey club muisc as "created in New Jersey with roots in Baltimore club, Jersey club is a staccato, bass heavy style of hip-hop featuring tempos around 128-140bpm and heavily spliced samples." The main difference is that the beats are soo much faster and for a beat-head like myself, I can say I am pretty smitten!

Thump has described New Jersey club music as "Sticking with a steady 140 BPM tempo, Jersey club smoothes out Baltimore club's rough edges. Where Baltimore Club is rugged, raw, and violent, Jersey Club is sexy and smooth... Jersey club dance styles are simpler and universal to accompany its smoother sounds. Some of the most popular Jersey club songs focus around vocals narrating new dances as they come out."
Check out two tracks in heavy rotation on my playlist as of late. The beats are ridic!!

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