Losing My Mind to Shirley Murdock

I think all women have at least one song, old or new, that when they hear it, they stop everything they are doing, grab the nearest hairbrush, ink pen or spoon to act as a microphone to go through the full emotions of singing every lyric of the song just as the artist did (or close enough), one of mine is As We Lay by Shirley Murdock.

Late one boring sleepless night, I'm online looking for 80's tunes to put a smile of my face when I found this classic ballad. Time stopped for about 6 minutes as I near became Shirley belting out, as far as I could strain my mere voice, singing about an elicit affair. I mean, I got up at one point to go through full body motions to make my point across

"...we should have counted up the costs, but instead we got lost,
in the second, in the minute, in the hour, hey, hey, hey! As we

By the time I was through, I had a daggone headache. But oh, sweet memories.

Lady Dulayne

Music junkie, Baltimore chick, Jedi mom, karaoke queen,'80s kid, hair and makeup fanatic, currently keeping up with a daily Greek yogurt habit.

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