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Her first single "All About That Bass" debuted in June 2014 and very quickly climbed the charts, becoming #1 in several countries including the US, but with such a catchy, throwback hook, many probably dismissed her as a one-hit wonder. A few months later her 2nd single "Lips are Movin" dropped and she nearly did it again, making top 10 on the charts. Meghan Trainor, the singer-slash-songwriter from Nantucket, Massachusetts, who studied at the Berklee College of Music and comes from a family of musicians is breathing new life in the music industry with a bright and playful '50s, doo-wop sound. Her debut album, Title, was finally released in late 2014. But how does the whole album hold up? Let's dive in!

The Best Part (Interlude)
Short and sweet. If you love singing, you will be able to appreciate this intro.

Best Tracks

All About That Bass
Super catchy, this is the debut single that everyone has heard by now. This one sticks in your head whether you like it or not. Lyrics are a bit iffy calling thinner chicks "skinny bitches" and "stick-figure, silicone Barbie dolls" but apparently she's just playing! This undeniably is an unforgettable throwback melody. Perfect to kick off her pop stardom.

Lips Are Movin
Perfectly crafted pop song. This one is actually my fave.Same catchiness as "Bass" but different message.

Dear Future Husband
I can see why guys would automatically eyeroll this song. But its probably not truly meant for the guys but the girls with dreams of marital bliss. Which seems to be a theme on this album. Its cutesy and again super catchy.

What If I
Dreamy, girl-crush song. Very throwback to 60's love ballads. Reminiscent in its style to Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me".

No Good For You
Great Caribbean beat. This one is not a retro tune but current and fun.

2nd Best Tracks

Close Your Eyes
Nice. Not boring. Mid tempo.

Simply Cute.

Like I'm Gonna Lose You with John Legend
Very nice. A touch of soul. .John adds his flavor and it all works.

More cutesie, pop sound.

This song is about getting that official dating title and not settling for anything else.

My Selfish Heart
mention of someone's future wife, someone is preoccupied with marriage!

Surprise Gem

"I made him better for her" 
Love these lyrics!  Digging the message of this song because I've never heard it addressed in a song before. Basically its about claiming credit where its due for the next girl; when you date and thus make vast improvements to a dude that did not exist before your added touches. In other words, he wasn't cool until after he was improved.

So, give some credit where it's due,
Give props to you know who
I gave him swag, I made him cool,
He used to be a fool
Um, yeah! Bout time someone brought this up!

Weakest Tracks

My Almost
More mention of wedding rings, more 'Heys' (maybe her singing trademark)
Sugary and sweet but with a punch of R&B growls at the right intervals. Nothing really wrong just not as strong,

Bang Dem Sticks
This was Meghan's chance to show off her rap skills. Not awful but the song as a whole doesn't quite work.

No denying, Meghan has a lovely voice and a natural talent for putting some super catchy hooks together. This album may come as a surprise for anyone who may have thought she'd be a one-hitter (like I may have thought at one point). The general theme seems to be about love, relationships and marriage.  Its like a diary for the love-dreaming girl. May appeal mostly to teens and 20-somethings but surely women of all ages will find themselves singing along.

The production is crisp and overall well put together. Meghan puts a nice spin on mixing the '50s retro style with current topics. Vocals are strong, bouncy and enjoyable and with the occasional 'Hey' thrown in which must be part of her trademark style. The entire album is a breath of fresh air.

The deluxe edition of this album features commentary from Meghan on each song. Each is short and sweet. Wish all artists would to this!

Overall grade: A

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