Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack - Its Worth it!

Yeah, I know, not exactly the best movie out in 2015 and yup, lots of critics and eye-rolling, but I wouldn't stop to do a full review of its soundtrack if it didn't bring something.

And it does.

I Put A Spell on You/Annie Lennox
Yes! Remember Annie Lennox? Well for those who forgot she is still around and she sounds great. Great rendition of this classic made well known from Nina Simone (and covered by dozens more).  Great intro for the soundtrack and movie.

Undiscovered/Laura Walsh
Ok song. Not bad.

Earned It/The Weekend
Yesssss!!! The opening bars set.the.tone. Hot!!! Lyrics!!!
Cause girl you're perfect
You're always worth it
And you deserve it
The way you work i

Um, works for me! Vocals are weak, but really who cares!
Note to self: add this track to future  strip tease list. 

Meet Me in the Middle/Jessie Ware
Chill, not a seduction song, maybe for the resting plateau moments after.

Love You Like You Do/Ellie Goulding
Radio hit.  Every track she sings on is a win. This song is straight from the film during the helicopter scene and I jsut have to say for the romantic at heart, this one is gold.

Sultry. You don't hear the whole track in the film but it then moves to a pumping beat.  Its no doubt sexy.

Salted Wound/Sia
Its Sia!! Kinda haunting, moody, and affecting.

Beast of Burden/Rolling Stones
Well what can you say about the Rolling Stones? This one is kind of chill, probably the only mid tempo track.

Folksy vibe, cool guitar *nice surprise* Mood: reflective and sensitive.

Crazy in Love/Beyonce
Um...its Beyonce.
Very, very sensual.

Witchcraft/Frank Sinatra
Can't go wrong here. A touch of old school class and elegance (used in the one playful and romantic scene of Christian and Ana dancing)

I Know You/Skylar Grey
*Hidden Gem* Could easily be a radio hit. Not familiar with Skyler Grey but she has a gorgeous voice. Would love to hear more!

One Last Night/Vaults

Where You Belong/The Weekend
Not bad.

The soundtrack also features two instrumental tracks by Danny Elfman. The man is a genius in my book. Everything he touches, to me is gold. 

Whether you liked, loved or hated the movie or books, the soundtrack, is a gorgeous mix of sensual tracks that are worth checking out....and bookmarking for a night in.

Overall Rating  A

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