Short Album Review: Ciara - Jackie, Better Luck Next Time?

The sixth studio album by R&B beauty Ciara, I hadn't heard much from her in awhile and decided to see how the new album fares. Released in May 2015, she titled it after he mother Jackie as she can see see the world through a mother's eyes.

Best Tracks

Dance Like We're Making Love
This seems to stay true to Ciara's sound, playful, light lyrics over a hip-thumping beat.

I Got You
An actual lullaby (unlike the track mentioned below) to her child. Most heartfelt track. Kinda feel like this one should have be called "Lullaby" and the other awful track something else. Something more fitting its nature.

I Bet
Not bad. Slow tempo.

I Bet (Remix with Joe Jonas)
Sounds exactly the same as the original except now Joe Jonas has some vocals.

That's How I'm Feelin' (with Pitbull and Missy Elliot)
And thank goodness for Pitbull and Missy Elliot because without their contributions, this wouldn't be worth a 2nd listen. Its trying to be a hot dance song but it doesn't sound like something that would really get people moving in a club.

Old school beat. Radio friendly.

Next Tracks

Give Me Love
Repetitive hook and not in a good way. Beat and production sound fine. But not really a hit. Feels very elementary for an artist that's been in a the game for now years.

Kiss & Tell
Filler. Not bad.

All Good
More filler

Only One
Best vocals on this song.

I Bet (R3hab Remix)

Stuck On You
Ok beat. Just meh.

Worst Tracks
Jackie (B.M.F)
Starts out like Ciara, derails into something sounding like a knockoff to Beyonce's "7/11", then morphs into something like Nicki Minaj but without the swagger.

Ok, I am not sure who exactly she is trying to sing this lullaby to. It starts with a child-like chime as if she's about to sing to a baby, then a dance beat comes in and its clarified that she's singing to a man that she plans on turning out. This song is a hot mess! The lyrics sound so juvenile.

Sample of lyrics:
Sleep, it ain't never felt so sweetUnder covers like the water baby, we be swimming deepWe be rocking like the beat, when we get between the sheetsI can be your Mayweather baby, knock you off your feet
Cause you know that I'm the shit, this as good as it gon' get
Boy this love is just too wrong baby, you never forget
Baby cause see once me and you, we get up in this bed
I'mma make you tap out, yeah it's over the edge

One Woman Army
Doesn't work. Its clear she's trying to make a strong message but everything about this track is a hot mess. The lyrics, production, it just feels like a bunch of different songs all thrown in together with no clear direction.

This album made me shake my head. Were these the best songs offered to Ciara at the time or did they start as great ideas lost during actual production? Were they under a tight and unmanageable timeline? Since her strongest talents lies in dancing, why not focus on fat beats and party music? Not sure but I can't really recommend this album. There aren't any strong, standout singles and nothing on the level of a repeat listen. Better luck next time?

Overall Grade: D

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