Short Review: Jason Derulo - Everything is 4 (and Good!)

Debuting at #4 on the Billboard 200 charts, this is the fourth album from singer (and cutie pie) Jason Derulo. While he currently only has one single getting airplay for now, I suspect that that will change as this album is a lively and fun assortment of songs just in time for the summer.

Best Tracks

Want to Want Me
1st single already in heavy radio rotation. This song reminds me of a commercial, another pop song, something, I can't seem to place it. But its instantly catchy and singable. Perfect summer jam that any and everybody can rock to.

Get Ugly
Fun, dance track. Booty bounce sound.

Pull Up
Crazy beats. For the dance lovers.

80s vibe. Love the vengeful message. Can completely see young women rocking out to this in their cars, necks swiveling as they sing about ex-lovers.

A sample of the lyrics:
Your heart was broken back then and I was perfect revenge
You say, I just want my ex to see you
Started as a sexy rebound, now you getting the best of me now
I say, I just want my ex to see you

Painkiller (with Meghan Trainor)
Meghan sounds gorgeous. Sounds like they had fun recording this one.

Try Me (with Jennifer Lopez)
Radio friendly, mid-tempo, giving a happy hour, pool party vibe. Diggin' it.

Trade Hearts (with Julia Michaels)
I am not familiar with this Julia Michaels but I will need to Google her ASAP. Her vocals were gorgeous! This has some serious commercial appeal. Gives a thematic feel. I could see this being the main theme of some romantic drama, chick-flick film.

2nd Best Tracks

Broke (with Stevie Wonder & Keith Urban)
Interesting collabo with Sir Stevie and Keith Urban. Saddens me to say that as much of a Stevie fan as I am, this hook was not as memorable. But Wonder's harmonica does add flavor. Has a somewhat old, bluesy feel.

Another 80's throwback. Synth sound.

Love Like That (with K. Michelle)
When you're doing your friends girl, and you know you're wrong but can't seem to stop, this track is for you.Gritty and raw, K. Michelle kills it.

Weakest Track

Love Me Down
Sounds great til you get to the hook, then it feels like filler. Luckily its short.

This album was a total surprise for me. Having been most familiar with "Talk Dirty" and "Wiggle", I was expecting more booty-bouncing, sex-me type songs but was surprised to hear love, romance and a softer, more pop sound. The entire piece is enjoyable. This album is one you can easily turn on and listen to in its entirely and that's a win for me!

Overall Grade: A

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