Dance Obsession: Team Lilman

I'm about to change this blog's title to "Dance is My Religion" because after viewing the videos below (many times!) I am officially OBSESSED!!!

I stumbled upon this YouTube video after it was posted on Facebook and was mesmerized. The beat, which reminds me a lot of some old Baltimore club stuff, is a creation of DJ Telly Tellz (which I need to get to know more about ASAP!), is frenetically fast but more than that was the dance crew, who moved to every beat with perfect precision.

Not sure what this kind of music is called, now am I familiar with DJ Lilman or Team Lilman, which all the videos seem to be titled after but they seem to be coming out of Jersey. And I am intrigued.

And can't stop watching!

And they look like they are having so much fun!!

The choreography is soo tight! I could watch these for days!
For more on this, check out their Instagram page:

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