62 Thoughts While Attending the Beyonce Formation World Tour in Baltimore

Before The Show

  1. [While pre-gaming at Horseshoe Casino having drinks] Oooh, getting pumped!!! Gonna see Beyonce!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot woot!!!!!!
  2. [I wonder what Bey is doing right now? Getting her hurr and makeup done. I wonder if she's getting a massage or other treatment to get her body ready. How does one prepare for a show like this?
  3. I wonder if she starts getting her hair and stuff done at like 5pm. How long does it take to put it all together?
  4. Wonder where she's staying? Which hotel?
  5. I wonder if Jay and Blue are with her?
  6. 7:20pm, we need our check its time to go!!!!!!!!
  7. [walking over form Horseshoe to the M&T Bank Stadium and surveying the crowds of women making their way over too] Errrr'body heading over to the show tonight. I hope she doesn't start at 7:30pm exactly [running late waiting for a train to pass]
  8. Wow, ladies are looking nice tonight. Huur done, nails done, everything did! I see you!
  9. Ok the ones in the high heels, they will be regretting that later!
  10. Section 138, here I go, please don't start til I get in my seats.
  11. In seats, now damn gotta hit the ladies room.
  12. That line to the ladies room? Seriously??? OK, nope. Gotta wait.
  13. Ok something is happening. Oh....just an opening act.
  14. Who is DJ Khalid?
  15. Oh, who cares, he is rocking it!!!!!!!!!!!!! [dancing]
  16. Ohh Wale!
  17. Oooh Trey Songz. He fine!
  18. Mmmm, still fine!!
  19. Ok, let's try the ladies room again....Nope, still too long. Can't!
  20. Ok, bring on Beyonce!!!!!!!!!
  21. I'm sure this box white box here will project the whole show. Wonder how they put this together, dissemble it and put it back together every night.
  22. 8:30pm. Where she at????????? 
  23. 9pm. Hmmmm she's running late. Most shows I've been to, the artists was on stage by 8:30pm
  24. 9:05pm and the 'turn up buzz' has worn off and and my friend has nodded off in her seat.
  25. 9:15pm Did she get into with Jay and had to stop and tell him about himself? That probably takes awhile!
  26. 9:25pm OMG lights....action, the sounds of Formation!!! She's coming!!!!!!!!!!

During the Show

  1. Finally!!!!!!!!!!! There she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yesssssssss!!!! Fierce honey!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. There she is, blond hair flowing.
  5. Wow, from my seats, which I thought were pretty good, she's still tiny.
  6. Man, to have those Beyhive seats near the stage.
  7. Woulda been nice to be on the floor and maybe get sweated on.
  8. Ok, those dance moves...crazy!! I mean she had to learn some serious and complicated dance moves to all these songs? How does she remember them all???
  9. I mean really??? All that dancing and she then gets on the mic and doesn't miss a note? Who does that???

  1. Ok,  I am tired watching her. Let me sit down.
  2. Seriously she dances soo hard, she's going to hurt herself one. Gonna need a hip replacement by the time she's 50. Hips and knees wear out! I'm concerned.
  3. So her fave song off Lemonade is All Night Long? Really? Cause I find Hold Up waaaay hotter! And Freedom is my close 2nd. 
  4. Lawwwdhavvmercy!! All this dancing, when does she catch her breath to sing! Does she breathe air!
  5. "Hold Up" that's my sooooooooooooonnnnnngggg!!!!

  6. Wonder how her lacefront stays in so well. Is it sewn in around her edges Yeah, she probably has her blonde edges pulled out to hide the lacefront edge. Yeah, all that takes time and a skilled team.
  7. Ohh, she's sweating and somebody got that sweaty towel. Lucky!
  8. Ok, slow song, can we all sit down for a few?
  9. So mad I barely have any bars in this stadium! How am I to Facebook my experience at the moment! I can't even tag the place! M&T get it together!
  10. I wonder who tucks Blue into bed at night when her mom is on stage?
  11. Also how does Blue deal with the rigors of touring? Being in a different city every night, living out of a suitcase. Its seems like such a hectic lifestyle for a small child. But then again, it's probably all she knows.
  12. Whaaaat! She's dancing in water!!!! Now who thought of that!
  13. Mindblown!!! Love!!!!!!!!!!! [dancing to Freedom]
  14. So Bey's favorite song to perform is "1+1"? Really? Shoot its not my fave to hear. But ok.
  15. Wow, she is barely getting in like 5 min breaks. What if she has to go to the bathroom? Is there like a bucket near the entrance so she can drop it like its hot real quick???

  16. Whaaat that's vlogger Evelyn "calling in black" (@evelynfromtheinternets). She played her video!!!!!! I wonder what she got paid?
  17. I'm thinking like at least $3,000 would be a good amount to pay her. I hope she got at least that. 
  18. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, a Prince tribute.
  19. Still can't believe Prince is gone!
  20. Her ass tho????? Its perfect.
  21. See even if I did like 1,000 squats, I could never have an perfect apple ass like that. Damn!
  1. OK, its getting late. I got things to do in the morning. I gotta get up early...take my son to the Science Center.....
  2. She's thanking us. Ok, time to wrap it up.
  3. Maybe we should head out early and maybe I can hit the ladies room. Is it still a line??

After the Show
  1. That was AMAZING!!!! But damn I'm tired [its nearly 11:30pm]. How the hell do I get out of here???? 
  2. [seeing ladies who were in heels with heels in arms walking back barefoot] See! I knew it!

Final Thoughts

I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell ya'll. But NOT HUMAN! I'm convinced and someone would have to seriously break it down to me why she's not but I really thing she's an android!!!! There is NO HUMAN on this earth that can dance through so many fast-paced and complicated dance moves, then pick up that mic like she doesn't need air to breath and belt out those notes as strong and clear as if she were a comfy, recording booth, sipping on lemonade. SHE's NOT HUMAN. She was sent to Earth by some superior force to bring us music and fashion and art and life and make all of us feel good but I'm telling you, she is NOT one of us!

She truly, truly has an amazing gift and it was a fabulous show. But I'm going to need a whole 'nother weekend just to recover from this experience. #tired #dehydrated #wornout! #satisfied

Lady Dulayne

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  1. Oh, you saw me fall asleep? LOL. I think she has workout sessions geared to giving her stamina for her concerts. Freedom was my favorite performance too. Good show, wish I sat closer as well.

    1. Yeah I was sitting right next you. YOU were out for several mins! lol But no worries, you looked cute!

  2. LOL!!! That was good! I felt like I was there!