Do You Remember? SWV / Weak

Doing karaoke the other night, this song was surprisingly chosen and oh my gudness, the memories it brought back!

Back to 1992, when SWV (Sisters With Voices) dropped their debut album Its About Time and I was already loving  "I'm So Into You", the group's first single when "Weak" was released as their second.

I was instantly entranced, like many of my peers and it became The Song to learn to sing, word for word and as close to lead vocalist Coko's tone and range as possible. I tell my friends I studied this song like it was my elective in high school! In ever EVERY girl in school was singing (or trying to sing) this song.

Quick tidbits, apparently Coko didn't like the song at first and it was written by producer Brian Alexander Morgan based on his feelings for singer Chante Moore. Who knew?!

Do you remember this song? What are your memories?

Lady Dulayne

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