The Explosive Ms. Jessie J

Months ago, I was half watching SNL and nodding off. It was the week an unknown singer was to appear.

I fell sleep before her performance but was soon awakened by this noise, a high pitched sound and lots of horns. The sheer volume of this chick's belting woke me up and forced me to wipe the crust from my eye to see what the hell was going on.

This girl with a sharp, black haircut was on the floor, hands out to her sides with fingers all spread out like she was  having an all out tantrum. This girl in her tiny little Lady Gaga-esque one-piece was on the stage like she was possessed. The girl was SANGING!! I mean she tore it up!!!! By the time the show ended, I was wide awake still thinking 'who the hell was that?'. The next day, I looked for a clip of the show and posted it on my Facebook.

Jessie J is her name and her voice is SERIOUS. Her range AMAZING. But her album was not out yet and I had to wait to download the goods.

This is the SNL performance:

I can't even get into her vocal prowess, the vocal stuttering, the pure insanity that comes out of her mouth. If you appreciate big voices dripping with soul and sputtering runs, then you have to experience Jessie J:

Let me know what ya think.

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