What Ever Happened To Luscious Jackson?

So like a lot of music I discovered and became completely consumed with in 1996, I first heard Luscious Jackson after seeing previews for the movie Clueless. Loved the movie and its colorful, teenage world and pretty much every song from it, but this one was getting rotation on MTV.

Stuck in my head. I dug it. Bought the CD and became completely immersed in it. Not as pop as you would think but very chill, introspective lyrics and it just had this mellow feeling to it that made me wanna just lay back, close my eyes and get lost for a moment. The formula worked for me, lead singer Jill Cunniff's deadpan vocals were easy to sing or speak, the lyrics spoke to me and all over catchy beats. Even the group name, Luscious Jackson (my chose porn name just for giggles), was original.

Naked Eye is the toe-tapper but also a great karaoke or Rock Band jam:

The one from Clueless. Just good fun:

One of my faves. Hip-hop beat, ambiguous lyrics, easy to sing.

If it don't feel good when you first get in, wait til it gets, 
under your skin.

In 2000, they broke up but in 2006 announced they would record again. But here I sit in 2011, wondering where they are.

Come back Luscious Jackson! Come baaaaaaaack!

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