Relax and Kick Back with Jazzanova

The day I discovered this amazing group and their music was one where I exhaled a deep sigh and an audible "Yesssss."

If I may, please let me introduce you to Jazzanova, a German-based group of musicians, whose ultra-chill sound can be perfectly summed up as  nu-jazz, electronica with funk, soul and Latin influences. I mean these are some gifted musicians with some artfully relaxing music.

Check them out for yourself. Here are a few of my top tracks:

Lucky Girl

I mean just gorgeous!! Warm vocals by Paul Randolph, with a cheerful and airy jazz flute and vibrant horns.

No Use

Laid back, rich and sensual, this could easily make a "quiet storm" or romantic playlist. It instantly sets the mood.


 Another New Day 

Such smooth, varied and jazzy instrumentation. Has a thoughtful and introspective feel. Wait for that beat break at 2:33.

Theme from Belle Et Fou

Pure funk!!! But not dance funk; a more chill but uptempo piece. Sets the tone for a friendly get-together or dinner party.

Lady Dulayne

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