Best Obscure Madonna Songs

Yeah, yeah, yeah, well all know the big hits, Material Girl, Like a Virgin, Vogue, Borderline, whatever! But as I logged on to Spotify the other day (big up to Kristen C. for putting me down with it!) I searched for Madonna since I am currently reading a book about her and came across a bunch of unreleased songs that I used to adore.

See way back when I was an impressionable young teen, Madonna came out with the movie Truth or Dare and being too young to get it, I was determined to do so. When I finally did see it, I walked away thinking she was the coolest thing on earth and quickly became absorbed with her, her Like a Prayer and Immaculate Collection albums and her Blond Ambition tour that used to show on HBO ( I used to know every dance and song in the show). It was during this time, I used to wear out my lil cassette tapes.

So here are a few on my mind:

Keep it Together (Like a Prayer) - Sly & The family stone-esque, rich, soulful, hip bumping

Love Song duet with Prince (Like A Prayer) - bare backing beat, seductive and playful, I love her voice on this one.

More - (I'm Breathless) the wannabe show girl in me love to sing along to this one, 
Broadway-esque, fun, girly lyrics

Secret Garden - (Erotica) hip hop beat (love it), ultra mellow spoken-word lyrics with this softly sung chorus, (I wore this out!!!)

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