Songs My Husband Hates But I Love

(I'm posting this as I sit right next to him)

Seems like if there is a song that is kinda girly, with an infectious, finger-snapping beat and a high-pitched, maybe whiny sounding voice or bratty chorus, my hubby hates it...but I love it!

Top ones at the moment are:

The Ting Tings - Shut and Let Me Go
Mind you, I was annoyed by this one when I first heard it over-played on the Lifetime Channel a few years back promoting some dumb mini-series. But after the 25th time, it stuck....much to hubby's chagrin.

The Ting Tings -That's Not My Name
I think they specialize in annoying girly hooks. Love this. 

Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Push The Envelope
I can't even play this one around him,lest I get the steely eye, but I think they have a very unique sound. Found this gem on a cosmetics commercial. Actually a very good album

Camille - Ta Douleur
Ok, this one is a little off but hear my out, I first heard this one on Saturday Night Live with Emma Stone, while they were doing this skit. They were dancing all funky and weird and it just caught my eye. The video is stupid but I like the song.

CSS - Music is My Hot Hot Sex
I don't even know where I first heard this one but I think what hubs hates about this one is my insistence on changing the words to anything I want, ad nauseam. But all in good fun!

*watching him cringe right now*

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